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Sails at Full Mast Sculpture

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Reminiscent of the sails of a ship on the high seas, the Sails at Full Mast table sculpture is handcrafted from metal with our signature brass dripping and has a cement base to anchor it to your table top. Beautiful on a console table, as a centerpiece on your coffee table or in your office, this sculpture is unique from each angle.

Dimensions: H: 14inches D: 4inches W: 11inches.

Material: Mild Steel with exposed brass & clear powder

Colour: Natural with Brass Dripping

Assembly: No

Weight: 2.3 Kgs

Care Instructions: Dust item with a soft lint-free cloth. Carefully clean between wires. Avoid using abrasive cleaners, chemical solvents, strong detergents, cleaners with bleach, and furniture polish.

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