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Pure Brass Bangle Mirror

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Combining the elegance of clean, geometric construction with the hypnotic allure of hand textured hammered brass; The Lohasmith?s Beaten Brass Ring Mirror will make almost any space pop! Polished to reveal the base metal?s natural lustre and lacquered to protect it from corrosion, this beautiful mirror looks great wherever you choose to use it - in the bedroom, living room or even outside to give your balcony that little bit of extra oomph!

Dimensions: Dia: 24" Depth: 1.75"

Material: Pure Brass strip, Mirror & MDF

Color: Gold

Weight: 5 kgs

Care Instructions: Dust frame with soft dry, lint-free cloth. Keep glass clean and free of dust - use a dry? soft, lint-free cloth. Do NOT use Brass Polish

Caution: Heavy item. Make sure anchors are attached to wall securely.

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