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Thatera Pure Brass Wall Art - 13.5 Inches

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Simplistic concave ‘bowls’ of brass; hammered by hand to achieve a variegated yet textured pattern are polished and lacquered to create this simple yet elegant set of wall art. Buy singly or in multiples - use to highlight a pillar, create an accent wall or simply add to the existing decor in your space. Comes in three sizes and can be bought as a set of 3.

Dimensions: Dia: 13.5" Depth: 1.5"

Material: Pure Brass

Color: Gold

Weight: .1 kgs

Care Instructions: Dust frame with soft dry, lint-free cloth. Do NOT use Brass Polish

Caution: Heavy item. Make sure anchors are attached to wall securely.

Very dramatic on the wall of our living room. Picks up shine from various directions and makes the whole space stand out.

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