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Edge Plated Service Tray

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Made from a single sheet of mild steel, this tray’s bevelled edge makes it easy to hold or lift off the table when it is loaded with glasses. Capable of holding nine regular sized glasses, this minimalist yet super elegant service tray will make even serving water at dinner parties a real treat.

Available in two finishes - plated in antique brass or antique copper

Dimensions:L: 16" W: 8"

Material: Mild Steel with Plating

Color: Antique Brass & Antique Copper

Weight: 1.5 Kgs

Care Instructions: Dust item with a soft lint-free cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleaners, chemical solvents, strong detergents, cleaners with bleach, and furniture polish. Wipe up spills immediately.

The brass tray is very elegant. We use it as a decorative piece all the time on the dining table in our Bangalore flat. When needed we use it for drinks etc..

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