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Beehive Candle Holder - Small

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Inspired by nature's most efficient and structurally sound shape, the Beehive candle holder is made from mild steel wire bent and joined in repeating hexagonal units. Coloured in a bright copper, this candle holder adds the right amount of sparkle and pop to your home.

Glass hurricane included to ensure your flame is protected from sudden gusts of wind. Premium 3X4 inch smokeless candle included with this item.

Dimensions: H: 6inches W: 6inches D: 6inches.

Material: Mild Steel with Powder Coating

Colour: Dark Copper

Assembly: No


Care Instructions:?Dust item with a soft lint-free cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleaners, chemical solvents, strong detergents, cleaners with bleach, and furniture polish. Clean glass with a damp lint-free cloth.

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